Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My World of Text

So the other day I found this website called Your World of Text, and it's pretty much a collaborative empty space where people can type anything. You create a "world" and you can share the link with anyone, giving them access. Some people use it as a guestbook so visitors to their website can sign it, and some use it as a private log for their thoughts, setting the visibility so only they can view and edit it.

Thinking that this was a pretty neat idea, I created a world of my own. My initial expectations were that if I had shared this link through my various social media outlets, I would have a mess on my hands in terms of immature content and people just trying to be funny. Either way, I shared the link and sat at my computer ready to erase any vulgar things people were bound to write.

However, only two hours later I came back and was completely surprised at what people had written. People shared inspirational quotes, fears of theirs, and simple thoughts that they otherwise might have kept to themselves. The end result had me thinking a lot about the benefits of the internet and social media as an outlet for feelings and ideas without having to reveal your identity.

Click here to see the page. However, it's no longer editable. People wrote some pretty awesome things.

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