Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thryve - A new way to track meals

A new app, Thrive, for iPhone was released this week under the Health & Fitness category. While it may seem Thryve is much like some apps that were released before, this app has a different feel and a different purpose than others. Focusing primarily on food logging, Thryve allows the user to track the foods they eat, however, what makes this app different is that the purpose is to not count calories but rather to track your meals and how they make you feel. Having a digestive system as frustrating as mine, I was thrilled about this app and downloaded it right away. 

Right off the bat, I loved the look and feel of the app. After taking a picture of the salad I had for lunch, the app asked me to input the ingredients of my salad. What is usually a tedious process in other apps took me only about 30 seconds. Then, it asked me how big of a portion my meal was. Finally, it showed me a breakdown of the different types of food I was eating and gave me a score based on my balance of foods. Later, it will ask me to record how I feel. I then pulled up my graph for today to see the breakdown of my food for today, which will adjust with each meal. Even more impressive is suggestions of what to eat more of today, which in my case is fruit and protein. Below are a couple screen shots that I took.

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