Friday, November 16, 2012

Hostess Closes Its Doors: Are people coming to their senses?

Just this morning, junk food powerhouse Hostess announced that they will be liquidating their company and selling off their portfolio of brands. The plummeting popularity of junk foods and a recent strike regarding a labor contract forced the company to face their bankruptcy and make some hard decisions. But don't fear, junk food enthusiasts, I'm sure if you go buy a ton of Twinkies they'll keep just fine on your shelf for a few decades.

I'm sure there are a good amount of people mourning for their Donettes, but I can't help but say that I am excited about this. Does this mean that America is shaping up and actually paying attention to the things they are consuming that might potentially be harmful? And I use the term "things" purposely–I don't exactly see Twinkies or Ho-Ho's as food, if you catch my drift. But what if the rise in people seeking health-related information online had anything to do with Hostess' bankruptcy? Now, they say Twinkies and the rest of the junk food gang won't necessarily meet their demise. Another owner could potentially pick them up. However, a plummet in sales must constitute a red flag for potential buyers, no? Now I'm no CEO, but it just doesn't seem smart to invest in junk food these days.

Much to my liking, health is on the rise and junk food consumerism is going down the drain. It's no wonder companies are coming out with all new lines of "healthy" food. New new media, and it's ability to allow people to share healthy recipes and surprising health statistics may just be to thank for this monumental change in the American lifestyle.

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