Friday, November 9, 2012

Negative Social Networking

If you spend a considerable amount of time browsing social media, you're often subjected to useless information about the lives of friends and family members. While people often update positive changes in their lives, it seems that for every positive post, there are two negative posts. Whether it's a way to seek pity or attention, or they're just plain pessimistic, reading negative posts can have a detrimental effect on your own mood. According to research, humans are more innately drawn to negative news, and are more likely to respond by changes in mood. 

Here's what you should take from this:  If you think you might be someone who is guilty of posting too much negativity via your social networks, try to cut down. If you find that your news feed is littered with complaints and unnecessary negative posts, either hide those people from your feed, or simply unfollow/unfriend them. Communicating via social networking and establishing/maintaining relationships is meant to be a positive experience, and a couple of negative posts can subtly throw off your psyche. 

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