Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trying to kick the nicotine?

Long ago, I used to be a smoker. I know, I know. I'm a health-nut that used to smoke cigarettes–what a contradiction. Back then, I was naive to the power of technology, so I had to quit the old-fashioned way (by convincing myself). However, LiveStrong introduced a whole new way to quit smoking–via their iPhone app MyQuit Coach.

The app approaches the task of quitting nicotine from multiple angles. The first is through a personalized quitting plan. You set the date you want to quit smoking, and MyQuit Coach does the rest.  You're given daily allowances, and you must track when you have each cigarette. Ultimately, the plan is designed to wean you off of cigarettes instead of just quitting "cold turkey."

However, it doesn't stop there. The user gets daily motivational messages, and also has the option to upload their own personal motivational messages. You then earn badges and awards for good achievements, and are able to track your progress through charts. If you're a smoker and you find yourself saying "I'll quit tomorrow" too often, I highly recommend giving this app a shot.

Here are some screen shots:

(Images from Livestrong.com)

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