Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Smarter Consumer

Shopping for the right products can be hard. The amount of options when walking into our local grocery store or drugstore is often extremely overwhelming. You can read as many labels as you want, but the companies are always going to try and make their product sound like the best one.

An iPhone app that I found–Consmr–offers a great solution to this dilemma. Consmr is a powerful platform where consumers can see product reviews and alternatives for thousands of products. It allows the user to simply scan the barcode of the product for an even faster and more accurate return, instantly bringing up the reviews and possible alternatives for that product.

I've used it myself to find the best products that I'm looking for, and I found it extremely helpful in the area of toiletries. I'm always trying to find better bath & hygiene products, and this app gives great insight into what I should try.

Below are some screenshots from the app:

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