Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's amazing what technology can do these days, especially when it comes to monitoring our own health. Just when I thought smart pedometers were the new big thing, I came across a little gadget called Tinké by Zensorium (Check out the website–the design is beautiful).
This pocket-sized iPhone accessory packs a lot of power, allowing the user to measure their heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability–all you have to do is place your thumb on the sensors. It even gives you a "zen index," indicating your stress level. The beautifully designed iPhone app provides detailed analytics and graphing, all while maintaining a simple user-interface.

This revolutionary product offers an at-home and on-the-go monitoring ability like no other, and it's sure to set a whole new standard for health & fitness gadgets.

Check out their video!


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